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[ENG] Heavenless London

“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.”- H.P Lovecraft

Opowiadanie napisane w języku Angielskim inspirowane twórczością H.P Lovecrafta. Jak zwykle zostawiam link na bloga w razie gdyby na forum nie czytało się za przyjemnie. Mam zamiar dodawać kolejne rozdziały kiedy zostaną one ukończone.

https://balooninatophat.wordpress.com/2 … oken-city/

The Broken City

I was standing on the balcony, leaning on the rusty barrier that held my body from falling to the street below. It was unbearably hot that day. It was somewhere around noon and I just finished my cigarette, watching the display before me. The sun was hanging high in the sky, shining on the good old Thames river. The Westminster Bridge was probably the only fucking building that still looked like it did five years ago in this god forsaken city. I heard the chimes of Big Ben, informing me that it’s exactly midday. The poor old tower was in a horrible state.  I saw the drops of blood coming from under of the clock face. Big Ben was bleeding, for five years now, it was bleeding every second since that day.

There wasn’t even a single cloud in the sky, not a trace of bad weather. It could have been a beautiful day, if the sky hadn’t been completely black. I looked at the bellflowers in the small pot I kept on the balcony: they also were completely dark.
Blue didn’t exist in this world anymore. It hasn’t existed for five years.

I sighed heavily finishing my cigarette and throwing it on the ground, squashing it with my shoe. I turned around looking at the room behind me. As always, it wasn’t a pretty sight.
It was a small office with an old desk that was almost falling apart, covered in dust and paperwork that neither me, nor my assistant ever got to filling. The fact that guards still kept throwing it onto us was truly ironic. The world is literally going to hell and the government still feels like being a bunch of knobheads to their citizens.

Looking at left I saw a bookcase filled with different types of books, some of them actually from before the fall. They were merely a reminder of a better time though.

The whole place was completely dirty, mold grew everywhere, although thanks to the disgusting green wallpaper it wasn’t too noticeable.

And finally on the right was an old, destroyed sofa, the fact that I still sit on that rotten pile of shit is quite unimaginable. But this time my seat was taken by someone else.

A pretty woman with long, black hair furnished with a pair of square glasses. She had a triangle face and wore a white shirt, combined with a black vest and fancy pants of the same color. She had her eyes closed, seemingly having a nap. I always thought she looked far better that way, if she opened them, the man looking into them would soon discover that her iris was completely white. Well not so much to not distinguish it from the rest, but it still seemed pretty unnerving at first when looking at her. Her eyes once were filled with beautiful, deep blue color.
Her name was Emily, Emily Walter, and she was my assistant.
She looked at me and sighed as I gazed upon her without any trace of emotion on my face. She smiled slightly.

“Done with your smoke Mr Detective?” She said jokingly,
standing up from the couch. Her voice sounded like of an humorous and easy-going person, and yet, it was strangely worn out. It was the tone that I always heard when she talked to me. A tone that I absolutely hated, because it was also a tone that I absolutely pitied. “If you haven’t realized we have work to do.”

“What is it today?” I asked, almost growling slightly at the thought of taking care of another case. “Another deadly artifact? Or maybe a creature that’ll fry my brain if I get too close?”

My indirect, ironic complaint hasn’t gone unnoticed by her as she smiled sadly, she took out a document and handed it to me.

“Worse.” The girl answered. “A child killer.”

“Wonderful.” I said with a heavy sigh and then fell on the couch.
“I think I need another smoke…”

“You shouldn’t.” She advised me with a smirk on her face. “Your lungs are going fall off if you keep smoking as much as you do.”

“I can manage.” I groaned in response, the mere thought that one of those bastards is still walking the streets of this city made me feel sheer anger. Sometimes humans were worse than all this shit that appeared five years ago. I could deal with monsters, ancient magic, places that make people insane, hauntings, and all the paranormal shit that we were constantly getting cases for now that the sky was black. But I got fucking angry every time I thought about someone murdering a poor, innocent kid. When it came to my partner…

She couldn’t stand it either. Let’s just put it that way. I’ve noticed it  already, the slight nervousness that she tried to hide from me as best as she could.

“You can stay if you want.” I suggested indifferently. „I can go by myself.”

Her expression changed to an angry face.

“I’m fine.” She said through her teeth, giving me a lot of hints to not push further. I did not.

“Whatever.” I sighed raising from the couch and coming to my phone. “I’ll call a cab.”

After ringing a certain number and a very short talk, consisting only of few words I’ve put it back down.

“He will be here in a few minutes.” I said calmly.

“Richard?” She smiled slightly, asking a rhetoric question.

“Who else?” I answered it without any trace of emotion in my voice. “Come, we don’t want to be late when he arrives.”

We would never hear the end of it either, I added in my head. I opened the door and stepped out of the office into an even uglier corridor. The same, disgusting green wallpaper was coming off the walls, there were several broken bottles of alcohol, laying on the floor. I was pretty sure from the smell that someone took a massive dump in the corner… but that could also be the disgusting, rotting muscle-like tissue that covered the entire ceiling. Sometimes a drop of dark red blood would fall on the floor, obviously nobody bothered to clean it. Everyone seemed to take the attitude of making the world even more crap than it is to simply save money. There was an old, rusty elevator, that I always feared would drop if I go in, next to slowly breaking, wooden stairs. Turning the other direction I could see an old woman walking across the hallway into her room, looking sadly through the window on the black sky.

“Why don’t we move?” Emily suggested with an irritated expression on her face. She was always saying that, but we never got around to actually moving our office or rooms.

“Good idea.” I agreed without even thinking about it too much, knowing that it will be just another thing that we will not have money for in the long run.

We decided to go down the cracking wooden stairs, everything was far safer than ride in that fucking metal box. We stepped outside on the street and looked around. The shapes of the buildings were twisted differently, there were no straight lines. Only thing that we saw were dynamic curves and shapes that seemingly broke the laws of physics. One apartment house in particular looked like a fucking accordion, with its own sides twisted several times. The city changed much after The Fall, even the physics didn’t seem to work all the time.

The people on the street were walking calmly, minding their own things and their own business. There were some sad fellas. Their hands holding bottles of alcohol like it was the last thing they had in the world.

Hell, maybe it was.

There was a lot more of them after the sky decided to go black all of sudden.

I could also see a huge amount of rich, snobbish arseholes this afternoon. Those were the only people who had still some happiness in them, although they also suffered because of everything that had happened, that didn’t make them drop the “better than you” attitude. Bloody wankers…

The rest of the society were mostly proletariat, many of them couldn’t even afford lodging. Those would be gone after the night falls. Poor lads.

Just when I was busy looking at the pedestrians, I heardaclackson coming from a stinking, black, dirty taxi that just stopped under our house. A young, slim man was sticking his head out of the car’s window, showing his red hair and brown eyes. He had a triangle, cleanly shaved face and wore a simple white shirt.  Probably with brown trousers, he liked those. It was no one else than the driver I called for.

“Yo.” He said with a wide, cocky smile that I always saw whenever I met with him. Richard was probably one of the few people in the world that still had any shed of happiness left in them. But even then, I’ve always thought it was only a show he pulled on us to cope with reality.That didn’t change the fact that it was refreshing to see someone smile for once. “it’s been a while.”

“Yeah” Emily answered with a slight smile. “a month or so if I’m correct.”

He chuckled slightly as he leaned on the chair.

“Come in.” He said and we listened. I sat on the left back seat, while my partner took the right one. I sighed heavily and closed my eyes trying to relax before the job.

“So where are we going?” He asked with a calm smile, putting his hands behind his head. “Or did Mr.Grumpynnes personified decide to take you for a romantic ride?”

Sometimes I would get to him for all those dumb jokes that he made of me. Emily seemed fairly amused though. I tried to ignore his remark on my part.

“You wish he did something like that.” She said and sighed heavily. “Unfortunately you have to take us under The London Eye.”

His expression suddenly changed to irritated. Noticing this I smiled slightly in satisfaction.

“Oh Bloody Hell!” He groaned in anger grabbing his forehead. “Why do you always want to go to all those horrible places?”

“Richard. All places in London are horrible.” My female friend remarked calmly. There was a lot of truth in that. It wasn’t always this way but it is certainly now.

“But you always take the worst of them!” He exclaimed with slight anger in his voice. “It’s a god damned soul-eating building!”

“Calm down mate.” I took all the satisfaction I could in getting back to him after his humorous insult. “It’s not like you had any soul to lose to begin with.”

Emily smiled slightly and I could tell that’s she’s holding from laughter as we spoke. The driver wasn’t too amused.

“Oh shut your mouth you git.” He grumbled and began driving towards our destination. “Bloody arsehole…”

Satisfied with the turn the conversation has taken I leaned on the seat calmly awaiting the time we arrive at our destination.

I looked in the mirror, it was a long time since I’ve seen myself in one. My slightly square face was covered in hair, once again I’ve forgotten to shave. My dark brown eyes seemed even more tired than usual. How long was it since I’ve slept well? I would say somewhere around a month ago. The job became so stresful lately that I couldn’t get a good rest. My short dark hair got noticeably longer since. My haircut was a chaotic mess that presented itself horribly on my naked head. Not only that, but my brown coat had a bit of blood on the shoulder.

In short, I looked horrible.

We arrived at the Wenstminster Bridge relatively quickly, after all it wasn’t really that far away. It was dangerous to walk on the streets though, the rampant crime was one thing, what hid in the shadowy corners and dark, tight alleys, was another.

“Thanks for this Richard, We’ll pay you later.” Emily said getting out of the car.

“Don’t mention it.” The driver sighed slightly still not too happy about the fact of being in close proximity of the London Eye.

“Come on Matt.” She hurried me. “We have work to do.”

“Right, right.” I groaned slightly getting out of the car and standing on the pavement.

“This whole city is going to hell.” Richard silently commented on the situation. He had a slightly bitter smile on his face.

I did not answer for a while, I just gazed at him for a few minutes before turning around.

“You’re wrong mate.” I said finally. “It’s already there.”

He chuckled.
“You’re completely right.” And with that he pushed the pedal and drove off. He would come back at the right moment, he always had great timing. Usually he waited for us in the place we wanted him to, but I knew it was hard to convince him to go anywhere near the London Eye Wall.

It was hard to blame him.

I gazed upon the cursed building.

Five years ago, it was one of the biggest attractions in London, allowing visitors from around the world to see the beautiful city panorama.

But after “they” had awoken, it all changed completely.

There was unnatural, fleshy overgrowth over the whole wheel, similar to the one in our apartment house. This one, however, seemed far more alive. The thin fleshy tentacles that swirled around the steel cables pulsate like veins and arteries in human body. The central part of the Ferris Wheel was where the most of the overgrowth gathered. It was constantly moving, seemingly hitting the skin from inside. And if you looked close enough, you can see where the eyelid begins.

There was an actual eye, covering The London Eye.

The ferris wheel moved slowly. Cabins were filled with blood, which sometimes spilled into Thames through cracks in glass.

The area around it was divided from the rest of the city by a huge concrete wall additionally protected by barbed wire. It was built to keep the citizens from getting in the restricted area, and to keep anything that was born inside from getting out. Sometimes it didn’t work.

London Eye was classified as a soul eating building. It meant that anyone in close proximity of the area will slowly go insane, lose his consciousness and mutate into a soulless. Not only that, it constantly affected you, which means if the transformation already started, your only escape would be death.

The area close to the wall was supposed to be completely safe from any effects that the building could have, but even then most people refused to live near the concentre barrier. Some people like Richard didn’t even want to stand near it for too long.

“Matt.” I heard the worried voice of Emily calling me. She probably didn’t want me to stare at that thing. I always thought that people are too scared of it, but on the other hand she could be right. No matter how I looked at it, that place was dangerous, and I didn’t want it to take an effect on me.

“Yeah, I know.” I said taking out a cigarette box from my pocket and lighting one of it. “Let’s go.”

She nodded, the body should be already gone with the guards taking care of it but we can at least look at the crime scene itself.

We found ourselves in a small alley near the wall.

“It’s the building on the left.” She said pointing on one of the doors of a butchers shop. Traces of police investigating the area were already gone. It was unlikely that we find anything even if they didn’t but who knows. It’s better than waiting for another victim.

“So, who gave us that job?” I asked coming closer to the door.

“You don’t remember her?” She said with a surprised voice.

“We have many clients.” I sighed entering the room. First thing I noticed was the horrid smell of rotten meat coming from inside. It was completely overwhelming. As Emily entered the building she quickly drew hand over her mouth to not vomit. But after a while, she got used to it. The room was filled with tables on which I could see different kinds of meat laid out in large pieces. Butchering tools hanged on the walls, all slowly giving in to rust. It would look perfectly normal, if not the fact that all of the meat was rotten.

It looked like all the employees ran out of the building at some point and never come back, actually I was pretty sure that this was exactly what happened.

The shop was abandoned for a long time, so it was a perfect place for the murderer to hide bodies.

“It was one of the mothers.” My friend said with a sad tone. “They found the body of her daughter here, in a room full of dead children.”

I went silent for a second, contemplating the words my partner just said.

“And the murderer was never caught?” I asked very calmly, I knew she thought it was unnatural for me to speak that way in this situation.

“Yes.” She responded silently. I nodded slightly.

“When I get my hands on this bastard…” I began my sentence, but never finished it. I just shook my head. “Lead me to that room.”

Her gaze wandered away from me, onto the room. Her expression saddened even more. She opened one of the doors, beyond it we found old, wooden stairs leading downwards, into the cellar.

The entrance was covered in darkness, only silent sobbing could be heard from inside.

“Did you hear that?” I asked surprised that someone could still be in the building. She looked at the stairs with a confused expression on her face. We rushed down the stairs.

We found ourselves in a dark room. Fortunately I had a flashlight with me. I turned it on and began inspecting the room.
It was an old cellar, filled with different kinds of boxes and chests.

Before me stood a huge steel door, opened wide, allowing me to enter the next room. I quickly passed through the door, as the sound seemed to come from inside.

The floor was covered in blood stains, small metal hooks hanged on ceiling, I couldn’t see clearly in the darkness, but I could swear that I saw bits of human skin and flesh on the metal.

Finally we found the source of the sobbing, before us on the ground sat a young man with long dark hair and a long, dirty beard. It was a sad, pathetic sight, but even then he would look like a typical street drunk, if not for one terrifying feature.

He had a third eye.

I could see the waves of skin creating the third eyelid, and the disgusting, green colour of the eyeball with black pupil. He kept mumbling to himself without any kind of logic in his sentences.

He was one of the soulless, he just begun his transformation, but even now, there was no hope for him.

Emily drew her gun, but her hand started to shake. She pointed it towards the man, but could not pull the trigger.

I did it, for her. It was better that way.

I took out my revolver quickly and fired it without any hesitation. With a loud “bam” the bullet ripped straight through the third eye

She gasped but calmed down after a minute, just looking at the dead body with sadness in her eyes.

“You couldn’t do anything about it.” I said calmly trying to comfort it even slightly. But I was never good at it. “It was better this way.”

My partner nodded slightly still gazing at the body. Even then, she was silent. I knew she won’t get over it easily. At least it wasn’t her who did it. It was better if she blamed me, than if she blamed herself.

She stepped away from the body, looking around the place, but I could still see her shaking hands.

We searched through the place slowly, most of the important stuff was already investigated and taken away by the guards. But by looking at the place we got the basic idea of what was happening here.

I found a few of the hidden tools, some of them still had blood on them, that bastard didn’t even bother to clean them after using them.

There was an old freezer that seemed to still be working. The inside of it was just stinking of filth.

In the corner I could still see a spongy bit of red flesh.

I looked away to notice Emily standing in the corner, silently contemplating everything that we saw. She just looked at the bloodstains on the floor, not moving a muscle.

“Found anything?” I asked calmly.

“No, did you?”

I shook my head slightly. It’s not like I expected anything else, it was still a bit disappointing though.

“Let’s get out of here” She spoke looking at the door. I thought it was probably right, it was very unlikely that we would find anything in this place, and she probably wanted to get out as fast as we could. I couldn’t really blame her for that.

“Alright.” I said, still looking at the room that we were about to leave behind us. She left first, stepping out the door. I was still gazing at the cellar for a little longer. I was just about to follow my friend when I noticed something strange.

I came up to a table that sat in the corner of the room. Although I checked it before something caught my attention. Something was between the things laid there, that I haven’t noticed before. I took it out, seeing a small, torn plastic bag with hand writing that I knew perfectly well.


I laid my step on the brick pavement entering the dark alley. I gazed upon the long walls of slight orange. There was an old trash container near the wall on the back. Some of the rubbish was spilling out on the ground. Old newspapers, broken bottles and the unpleasant smell of alcohol.

I could almost swear that there was something crawling in the one of the corners, but it was always in the corner of my eye. In the old days I would just explain it with my wild imagination, now it was a definite sign to be careful around this place.

It took a long time for him to appear, but finally I heard his steps in the distance.

“You’re late.” I sighed turning around to the old man, as he smiled nervously. I saw his balding head that he scratched every time he got found himself in an awkward situation. A drop of sweat fell down his wrinkled, long face. He wore a brown suit with a red bow tie, and pants of the same colour.

“Oh am I?” He  chuckled slightly. He looked very inauspiciously, but I knew that he was actually a cunning bastard. The look in his eyes was anything but trustworthy. “I’m really sorry, it must be my old bones…”

I just stared at him coldly for a while.

“You went downhill you old geezer.” I said with an ironic smile. “You used to teach at universities, to go from that to a simple drug dealer…”

“Live changes my friend.” He answered not even slightly insulted by my words. “Neither of us expected the world to change the way it did five years ago.”

Even then, that sudden change of profession was very unexpected. I always wondered what made him do that. Professor Alfred Hammers, once a great man who helped Britain during the war, now selling narcotics to poor sods who don’t know better.

“Never mind, I’m not here to talk about that.” I changed the subject. “I want list of  every person who bought Sky Painter from you.”

He sighed slightly and touched his forehead in a gesture to imply being deep in thought.

“This might be a problem my friend.” He tried to imitate a worried expression, he never managed to do it the right way. That dishonest piece of shite. He looked at me from behind of his round glasses, stuck on his bulbous nose. His look was very unpleasant. “My clients demand full disclosure. I can’t just betray them like that. Well unless…”

I got out my wallet and started counting the money I will need to appease the greedy knobhead. He smiled slightly, after being paid a significant amount of money, he was more willing to talk.

“Well then.” He cleared his throat and spoke. “There weren’t that many this month actually, only four people bought it.”

He took a notebook from his pocket and opened it on one of the pages. He gave it to me allowing me to copy it to my own.

“As always, I hope you will be discrete enough to not inform them where you got this information.” He said with a calm voice. He knew that I won’t do that, it would be a bit counter-intuitive as I get a lot of information from him, but he liked to remind me every time.

“I hope you didn’t sell our secrets to the Nazis this easily you twat.” I said with a bit of disgust in my voice.

“Dear God, Matthew!” He said once again, trying to play shocked at my words. “Have little faith in me, besides, even if I did, it wouldn’t have changed nothing. It was obvious from the start that the war was going to end with a truce.”

I sighed heavily, not wanting to listen to any more of his bollocks. I copied the page as fast as I could and gave it back to him, hoping to get out of here as fast as I could.

He took his property and smiled slightly.

“Well then, is that all?” He asked with an incredibly calm voice, but even then there was something that pissed me off about him. “Maybe you want to buy something else from me?”

“Sod off.” I said as a goodbye and with new information about the case in my hands, I decided to return to my house.


For the next few days I’ve been busy investigating the list that Alfred gave me. Emily was amazingly helpful when it came to that, quickly acquiring information about all of the suspects, narrowing the search to only three people.

Reading the police report gave me some insight into the time of the murders. Obviously I couldn’t be sure who is the murderer just by knowing all this, although it was able to cast some light on the case.

The research took a fuck load of time, but finally after some tiring hours spent in the office,  I was able to pin down the most possible suspect.

The water flowed slowly towards the sewer gates in the streets. It poured loudly down to the depths bellow, probably falling on the head of another monstrosity. The sky was not completely dark that evening, thankfully it was covered in clouds, so I couldn’t see the dark void above me in it’s full glory. Even then, it was still easy to see, but it’s always something. I never thought I would be happy about rain in London.

The sun was setting sluggishly over the horizon, the street was slowly covered in the darkness of the night. I had to hurry, it was better not to stay outside after the day ends.

The buildings seemed to extend towards me, trying to swallow me up, their menacing shapes were rivalled only by the long shadows that they casted.

The rain wasn’t really that bad and seemed to be passing already, but it was still big enough to not be able to light a cigarette. I grunted irritated and continued my walk.

I slowly gazed around the corner to see a group of people walking down the street. One of them, a young man with a plain white shirt and glasses was my target.

I followed him throughout the city, trying to not attract too much attention, staying out of his sight for as long as I could.

He often changed his path, going different routes and choosing the most crowded streets, trying to appear random in his choices. I was very nervous at the time, although I did not let it show. I was constantly wondering if he saw me, and how much time I got left. I knew, I had to corner him as quick as I can.

To my surprise, he entered one of the old, desolated apartment houses when nobody was looking. I went in as well, slowly stepping inside the building.
Looking around I was greeted  by a small corridor leading to a staircase, where the suspect was standing. It was a dark wooden hallway, filled to brim with dust, bits walls that were falling apart, and other kinds of filth. The walls themselves were in horrible state, and doors looked like they were going to fall apart at any moment.

I quickly opened the door on the right hiding in an empty room. I left it ajar and watched the situation.

I watched him calmly as he stood there, constantly looking around, apparently waiting for something.

That was when I saw him for the first time.

A tall man of bulky build, wearing a big brown cowboy hat on his head, wearing a long brown trench-coat. His steps were heavy, and the floor shook slightly, making loud cranks when he walked towards the young man. I didn’t see his face then, as it was covered in shadows of the hat.

He walked nonchalantly towards the man in the white shirt, he stopped after walking slightly past him.

I saw a transaction taking place, without any words coming from their mouths. A transaction unfolded before me, the one that I followed took out a small bag full of white dust-like substance, and handed it to the other person. Most of the people on Alfred’s list were using the narcotics for personal use, but it seemed that this guy was nothing more than a delivery man for someone else.

How funny, the government didn’t even care about the use of drugs anymore. Although it wasn’t legal, it was obvious that the guards didn’t care, and often were prone to illegal substances themselves. Most of the people didn’t even bother too much to hide it, they just tried to be at least slightly unobtrusive. And even then, that man went to such lengths to hide his identity from the dealer it was astounding.

Then he left, walking through one of the other doors, leaving my target with a significant amount of money in his hands. I knew there was no meaning in running after him, he would be gone and I would lose any track of him.

There was only one thing I could do now.

I saw the delivery man walking away from the scene, calmly counting the money he got.

I jumped out on him when he was walking past the room I was hiding in. My fist quickly met with his freckled face. He didn’t react, as he fell on the ground, grabbing his cheek and slightly bruised mouth. He winced in pain. He looked at me with fearful eyes, I smiled slightly.

“Jeremy Howig?” I asked calmly, violently grabbing his shirt. “I have a few questions, and you’re going to answer them.”

With that said, I dragged him out of the building.

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